When not on the road, Murray can be seen at any of these clubs in LA…



Temecula Pechanga Resorts and Casino06/27/198:00pmMap
Temecula Pechanga Resorts and Casino06/28/198:00pmMap
Temecula Pechanga Resorts and Casino06/29/198:00pmMap
Temecula Pechanga Resorts and Casino06/30/198:00pmMap
Pasadena, Ca Ice House07/05/198:00pmMap
Pasadena, Ca Ice House07/09/198:00pmMap
Brea , CABrea Improv07/17/198:00pmBuy TicketsMap
Ft Lauderdale, FlaSpill the Beans07/26/198:00pmMap
Puerto NuevoBobby's by the Sea08/01/198:00pmMap
EnsenadaGertrude Pearlman Theater08/02/198:00pmMap
Mill Valley, Throckmorton Theater08/06/198:00pmMap
Santa Rosa, CADisciples Brewing 08/07/198:00pmMap
Pasadena, Ca Ice House09/20/198:00pmMap
Seattle Jewelbox Theater10/23/198:00pmMap
Richland, WashingtonJokers Comedy Club10/24/198:00pmMap
Richland, WashingtonJokers Comedy Club10/25/198:00pmMap
Richland, WashingtonJokers Comedy Club10/26/198:00pmMap
MazatlanMazatlan Comedy Club11/17/198:00pmMap
Cincinnati, OhioGo Bananas 01/16/208:00pmMap
Cincinnati, OhioGo Bananas 01/17/208:00pmMap
Cincinnati, OhioGo Bananas 01/18/208:00pmMap
Cincinnati, OhioGo Bananas 01/19/208:00pmMap

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