hey guys, Murray Valeriano, owner and proprietor of this site. I just wanted to say thanks to everybody who has bought my album Rusty Cow….  Oh, man. Is he gonna talk about his album again???? Well, yes. Yes, I am. But I am going to talk about you also! And look at it this way, I’ve had this site for 10 years. That is 520 weeks. So out of 520 weeks, I’ve only talked about the album for 2 of those weeks. So, that’s a lot of time I have NOT talked about the album.

Anyway, people have been emailing me through this site, facebook or tweeted at me how much they like the album. I’m not saying this to brag, if somebody would have emailed, facebooked or tweeted at me that they hated the album and thought I was an unfunny hack, I would mention that, but they didn’t. I’m sure there are some people who didn’t like it, that goes without saying. Comedy is subjective and it’s just a fact that not everybody is going to like your brand of humor. But I also think that you REALLY have to piss somebody off for them to go and write a negative review. I think if the few people who didn’t like my album.. and let’s be honest, it’s probably only a few, just thought “Eh. He’s not that funny.” and went on with their lives. Now, if I offended them by telling rape jokes or shooting down their religion or pulled a “Kramer” then look out. They would probably come at me with both barrels. But lucky for me, not only am I funny, I’m charming also. So, the 2 people who didn’t like my album, and that’s a fair estimate, heard my album and probably  thought “Eh, he’s not that funny… but damn I like that guy.”

To the other people who bought and liked the album and to the people who won copies of the album in contests and radio giveaways, I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for buying it. Thank you for listening to the radio shows and podcasts I have been on to promote it. Thank you for calling in to the stations and emailing the podcasts to win the free copies. And thank you to the people who have bought it after the shows. That’s always fun, to sign albums for the audience members and get pictures and get pictures with them after the shows…  and it’s even more fun when they buy me drinks. Ahem.

So, to all of you. The buyers of the album on this site. The buyers of the album on Itunes or Amazon. The winners of contests. The buyers of the albums after the show… NOT the 2 people who didn’t like it, but you guys,

thank you.

Also, while I have your attention. If you would, take 45 seconds… and it is 45 seconds, I’ve timed it…  take 45 seconds and  write a review on Itunes. It really, really, helps the album out a lot.

Thanks and I will see you out at the clubs!

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